Communication, Critical Analysis, Career Development

These “soft skills” have always played an important role in the workplace, but they are receiving less focus than ever in degree programs – especially highly technical programs like computer science and engineering. Yet they are critical skills for success, both in career progression and in overall company growth.

See how you can improve yourself, your team, and your entire company with an affordable training program focused on developing demonstrable career skills.


Get training in essential career skills that employers are actively seeking.


Give your teams the tools and techniques to be happier and more collaborative.

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The Signum Path Team

Meet the people who are helping others build foundational skills to create the career they want.
Corey Olsen

Corey Olsen

Signum Path Program Coordinator

Corey oversees Signum Path and advocates for humanities and foundational skills education.

Elise Trudel Cedeño

Elise Trudel Cedeño

Corporate Liaison

Elise works with corporate teams to develop customized programs that fit the needs of their employees and organizations.

Zachary Coeman

Zachary Coeman

Registration Coordinator

Zak handles course registration and ensures all the details are in place for Path participants to have a smooth, efficient learning experience.

Robbie Park


Robbie designs and leads courses on emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and creating powerful presentations.

Dr. Sara Brown

Sara Brown


Sara creates and instructs classes on writing essentials and process.

Gabriel Schenk

Gabriel Schenk


Gabriel develops and teaches courses on communication, time management, and influencing audiences.

Kay ben-Avraham

Kay ben-Avraham

Messaging Coordinator

Kay coordinates Signum Path communications, social media, and other community messaging.

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