Signum Path allows participants to earn badges demonstrating proficiency in a variety of skillsets. Each badge consists of several courses focusing on specific techniques, information, and tools that will help the learner achieve success.

This page provides a list of the badges currently available through Signum Path. Courses are listed for each badge, along with the primary skills and techniques learned in that course.

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Badge: Making Verbal Connections

Making Verbal Connections

Develop interpersonal communication skills that build powerful relationships – both professionally and personally. Expand your repertoire for presenting ideas to help others understand them, and learn the best ways to listen for mutual comprehension.

Powerful Presentations

  • Establishing rapport
  • Presenting confidently and effectively
  • Finding the ‘sweet spot’
  • Telling stories

Two-Way Communication

  • Becoming a better listener
  • Communicating with different personalities
  • Fixing communication problems

Influencing Your Audience

  • Learning from historical speeches
  • Persuading others with logic, emotion, and good presentation
  • Speaking confidently before others
Badge: Writing for Results

Writing for Results

Everybody is busy, and for that reason, business writing should be as clear and concise as possible. Revisit the rudiments of writing, from the conventions of language to the components of conveying a compelling story.

Nuts & Bolts

  • Punctuating properly
  • Gaining grammar greatness
  • Spelling superbly

Writing as Process

  • Extracting information
  • Reformulating ideas
  • Restating clearly


  • Understanding the mechanics and impact of stories
  • Identifying storytelling techniques
  • Using stories to connect with others
Badge: Strengthening Your Core

Strengthening Your Core

Boost your professional performance with a badge dedicated to strengthening your core career skills. Learn how to put yourself out there confidently and competently with a set of capabilities needed in every job.

Marketing Yourself

  • Developing a standout résumé
  • Preparing for any kind of interview
  • Promoting your skills to employers

Time Management

  • Understanding obstacles to efficiency
  • Developing tools to help you thrive
  • Discovering techniques to get more done

Mastering Media

  • Identifying information reliability and factuality
  • Improving fact-checking skills
  • Using reliable sources to write informed reports
Badge: Person to Person

Person to Person

People tend to forget what you say, but they remember how you make them feel. Knowing how to get along with people of all attitudes and personalities, resolving disputes, and understanding when to take control – as well as when to step back – are skills that will carry you to the top of your field.

Emotional Intelligence

  • “Noting” skills and self-regulation
  • Maintaining mindfulness at work and in daily life
  • Employing empathy and sympathy

Conflict Resolution

  • De-escalating tough situations
  • Criticizing fallacies instead of fellow co-workers
  • Proactive emotion and finding Win-Win solutions

Leadership and Followership

  • What makes good followers and good leaders
  • Discovering your role in the workplace
  • Practicing objectivity
  • Advocating for the self