Most companies seem to understand that their employees need to improve their foundational skills, but many organizations don’t seem to have a clue of how to provide the essential training required to fulfill that need.

In reading articles about so-called soft skills, Dr. Corey Olsen noticed three common themes that may contribute to the confusion:

  1. Many of the “skills” people talk about aren’t actually skills.
  2. Most of the advice given is vague and high-level, making it unhelpful.
  3. Very few people know where to find effective soft skills training.

Can Signum Path help with these things? Absolutely! In this fourth video in the Signum Path series, learn more from Dr. Olsen about how we’re working to provide specific, in-depth training for individuals and companies that want to improve performance through essential skill development.

You can also read more about the corporate world’s confusion about soft skills in Dr. Olsen’s LinkedIn article:

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