There’s a relationship between humanities education and the most valuable skills being sought by employers today. The humanities has long provided leaders and thinkers with the skills and tools they need to succeed in any field. These include the ability to communicate precisely, to present clear and complete thoughts, and to empathize and understand the people with whom they interact – among other things.

In this introductory video, Dr. Corey Olsen, founder and president of Signum University, describes his frustration at the present tension between the humanities and business. Humanities majors are consistently seen as “pointless,” with people asking questions like “What are you going to do with your English degree?” (or Philosophy degree, or Art History degree, and so on down the line…). At the same time, employers are bemoaning the loss of workplace skills and tools that are traditionally learned by studying these very disciplines.

Join Dr. Olsen and Signum University on a journey to understand the challenges faced by both employees and employers and how Signum Path is offering a new solution to help both.

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Introducing Signum Path, Part 1: A Challenge that Needs a Solution

Image courtesy Quinn Dombrowski on flickr

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