Have you been considering one of our foundational skills training courses but aren’t sure yet if you’ll benefit enough to justify the commitment? With free Signum Path mini-courses, you can get a valuable sample of what you’ll get in our courses and try out the online classroom interface—plus earn a special registration discount in the process. 

Our mini-courses:

  • are free to participants
  • are single sessions of less than an hour
  • are taught by the course instructor
  • use the course platform and technology
  • allow for real-time feedback and questions
  • give a sample of course content and skills taught
  • offer special incentives and discounts only for minicourse attendees

This August, join us for mini-courses from our Making Verbal Connections and Writing for Results badges:

Signum Path courses deliver great quality instruction and marketable skills for very little expense or time investment, but how can you know that’s true until you’ve tried them yourself?

Register for one or both mini-courses today using the links above, and we hope to see you soon!

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