Companies that provide interpersonal skill training will maintain a significant competitive advantage through increased productivity and employee retention.

Career skills training can result in an ROI up to 353%, according to multiple studies conducted in the last five years by Accenture, the Lumina Foundation, and others.

Companies that invest in skills training report greater innovation, reduced turnover, improved employee performance, and other benefits.

Many companies are struggling to find workers who not only have the technical skills to perform a particular job function, but who also possess the people skills to collaborate, communicate, and create better processes and products.

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Future of Jobs Survey, the skills most in demand by employers include:

  • Analytical thinking and innovation
  • Creativity, originality and initiative
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Leadership and social influence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation

How Essential Are Interpersonal Skills?


of all employees will need substantial reskilling within three years (World Economic Forum)

of employers believe interpersonal skills and “soft skills” are essential (Wonderlic)

of employers are unprepared to meet future training and development needs (Deloitte)

Signum Path’s live, in-person training helps companies conduct customized, effective career skills training so employees can reach their personal and professional potential.

With Signum Path, companies can focus on specific skill areas that will make a difference for their employees and organization.

Signum Path experts customize key portions of the course material to tailor it specifically to the business’s needs and culture.

These customized courses provide a range of benefits, including but not limited to improvements in:

  • Teamwork
  • Cultural and generational integration
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Cross-function collaboration
  • Virtual communication and administration
  • Organization and time management

Remember that most people are happiest when they are improving and doing the things that suit them naturally and help them advance.

Ray Dalio, Principles: Life & Work

Signum Path can help your company train employees in essential business skills

There’s no need to spend additional time and money on travel or special equipment to take advantage of Signum Path.

The program is delivered over the Internet on standard computers and devices, and participants will engage in real-time discussion with instructors.

What You Get With Signum Path:

  • Dedicated liaison to develop your program
  • Needs assessment report
  • Customizable curriculum
  • Course completion metrics
  • Employee satisfaction, efficiency, and retention

Signum Path Corporate Pricing

Signum Path badges are competitively priced to help as many people as possible get the skills training they need.

$495 per course

$1,485 per badge

(based on 3-course badges)

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Example Scenarios for a Signum Path Corporate Training Program

Signum Path corporate training programs are customized to the needs of your business based on the standard courses and badges we offer to individuals. Each program and course can be tailored to address specific issues faced by your organization and people. Examples of how training programs can be adapted to your company’s needs are provided below.

1. Written Communication

You want to focus initially on writing skills with a goal to improve communication effectiveness by aligning employees around a shared style and approach.

You select all three courses in the Writing for Results track, which address the basics of writing, writing as process, and how to form a narrative. Signum Path instructors adapt their lessons to address actual written communication issues identified during the needs assessment.

Upon completion of the courses, you see a noticeable and positive difference in the quality and effectiveness of written communications from course participants.

2. Cultural Connection

You want to focus on verbal skills with the goal to make staff more aware of differences between geographic cultures and to improve conversational connections, resulting in improved performance.

You select three courses from two different skill areas that focus on two-way communication, language and communication, and critical thinking. Signum Path instructors adapt their lessons to address cultural and conversational issues identified in the needs assessment.

You see a positive change among the employees who complete the courses, evidenced by more effective verbal communications and improved workflow efficiencies.

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