The great enemy of communication…is the illusion of it.

William H. Whyte, 1950, The Chicago Tribune

According to a 2015 survey by Hart Research Associates, employers overwhelmingly believe prospective employees should have a broad range of skills that apply to a variety of fields. The top skills these employers look for are:

  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Team cooperation
  • Ethical decision-making
  • Critical analysis

At the same time, many employers expect employees to already have these skills when they enter the workforce. However, they are not taking the time to train their own workers in the skills necessary to do their job.

Many people — especially mid-level Millennials and Gen Z graduates just entering the workforce — are being left to seek out their own training programs in an effort to stand out in interviews, performance reviews, and career conversations with their managers.

Signum Path helps individuals who want to advance their careers by offering affordable, personal, demonstrable skills-based training.

Skills we focus on include:

  • Building connections with others
  • Understanding how people use narratives
  • Conveying confidence in your own skills
  • Presenting powerfully before any audience
  • Communicating clearly and concisely
  • Identifying obstacles to achieving goals

  • Listening to achieve results
  • Empathizing and building rapport
  • Analyzing and checking facts
  • Approaching ideas and solutions objectively
  • Developing time-management techniques
  • Recognizing and fixing communication issues
  • Refining and reformulating ideas

Signum Path Individual Pricing

Signum Path badges are competitively priced to help as many people as possible get the skills training they need.


per course


per badge
(based on 3-course badges)

What Employers Say About Essential Career Skills

75% of long-term job success relies on people skills

of recruiters say job applicants have a skills gap, and more than half of those say the situation is worsening (SHRM)

of employers say colleges and universities do not place enough emphasis on effective communication skills (Hart Research Associates)

of all employees will require significant skills training by 2022 (World Economic Forum).

Who Can Benefit from Career Skills Development?

Based on the statistics above, Signum Path career skills classes can benefit anyone looking for a new job, going after a promotion, or even just looking to do their current job more effectively.

  • Job seekers
  • Recent graduates
  • Current managers
  • Prospective managers
  • Individual contributors
  • Promotion candidates
  • C-suite executives

And many others!

If you’re interested in starting on a new path to improve your skills, contact us today!