Signum University was founded in 2011 as a graduate school for language and literature. As a digitally native institution, Signum has developed an instructional model that caters to students around the world through an accessible digital campus that facilitates both synchronous and asynchronous instruction.

Over nearly a decade, Signum has refined and adapted its model to meet a variety of needs, including interactive instruction, small-group discussions, and workshop-style seminars. In addition to its core curriculum, Signum offers free educational programs for everyone from middle-school-aged children to adults through Mythgard Academy, Signum Academy and Signum Symposia.

Course Format

The standard Signum Path course is 4 weeks long with a time commitment of 3-4 hours per week broken down as follows:

  • Live instruction: 2 hours (two 1-hour sessions) per week
  • Homework assignments: 1-3 hours per week

The total time commitment for a course is 12-16 hours over a 4-week period. This length of time allows participants to fully explore the course topic and develop skills for long-term value without the requirement of a lengthy schedule.

If the standard Signum Path course format does not fit your company’s needs, our instructional design team can work with you to develop a customized learning plan.

Digital Classroom

Dr. Corey Olsen teaching a Mythgard Academy class
Dr. Corey Olsen teaching a Mythgard Academy class

Our scalable online interface enables real-time interaction with instructors, allowing companies to provide rigorous, essential training to employees wherever they are without needing to spend time and money on travel or special equipment.


Signum Path uses GoToWebinar conferencing software for live class discussions. Through the GTW interface, participants can ask questions and submit comments to the instructor. The instructor can also open audio capabilities to allow individual comments or group discussions, depending on the needs of the course. Video sharing is also available for demonstrations, presenting assignments, and other interactive elements of the course.

Preview a brief sample of one of our courses, with an explanation from our instructor Sparrow Alden about the interactivity of our platform:

Google Classrooms

Each course will have its own Google Classroom, where participants can see the course schedule, view and submit assignments, and join a class forum to further discuss course ideas. Google Classroom will be accessed through a Signum-provided email address.


Signum Path instructors are Signum University faculty members who are experienced in remote instruction and who have mastered the digital classroom interface to facilitate effective distance learning. Rather than using outdated lecture methods, our instructors engage participants in discussion and guide them through a collaborative learning experience to attain proficiency in the focus skills for the class.

Outside of the instructional sessions, instructors will also be available for help via email and a dedicated course discussion board.

Robbie Park, Signum Path instructor
Robbie Park
Dr. Gabriel Schenk, Signum Path instructor
Dr. Gabriel Schenk
Sparrow Alden
Sparrow Alden
Dr. Sara Brown, Signum Path instructor
Dr. Sara Brown

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