About the Badge

Difficult as they can be to understand, interpersonal skills often form the foundation of a significant number of our workplace interactions. Interpersonal skills include a wide range of “soft skills” that we use on a daily basis, such as conflict management, emotional intelligence, and verbal/non-verbal communication in the workplace. How can you get better at understanding and empathizing with the people you work with every day?

That’s where our Person to Person badge can help:

  • Our course on Emotional Intelligence highlights a skill that requires careful regulation and observation of the self, as well as those around you. Students will learn about mindfulness and how to develop a greater sense of empathy in the workplace.
  • Our course on Conflict Resolution will cover how to remain calm in any situation, as well as how to identify the root of common interoffice problems. Students will also learn and practice conflict avoidance strategies.
  • Our course on Leadership and Followership delves into the necessity for attentive, empathetic leaders who also are able to offer their support when it’s someone else’s turn to take the wheel.

The instructors were incredible—their standards were higher than I expected, and they really pushed me to bring my best to the work.

Wesley S.

November 2020

Time and Equipment Requirements

Each of the three courses that comprise the Person to Person badge is 4 weeks long. That means you can complete the entire badge in only 12 weeks! Each week during a course, you will have two 1-hour sessions of live instruction, and then 1-2 hours of homework.

That means a total time commitment of no more than 12-16 hours per course. This length of time allows students to fully explore the course topic and develop strong foundational skills without having to commit to a lengthy training program. 

Plus, you won’t need any fancy equipment to participate. As long as you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can be a Signum Path student.

Our program uses GoToWebinar conferencing software for live class sessions. Through the GTW interface, you can ask questions and submit comments to your instructor. The instructor can also allow audio for individual comments or group discussions, depending on the needs of the course. Video sharing is also available for demonstrations, presenting assignments, and other interactive elements.

The courses in the Person to Person badge will also use a Google Classroom that you will access through a Signum-provided email address. In that classroom space, you can view and submit assignments, check the course schedule, and discuss ideas with your instructor and fellow participants.

Register Today!

  • Emotional Intelligence:
    $225 for individuals / $495 for companies
  • Conflict Resolution:
    $225 for individuals / $495 for companies
  • Leadership and Followership:
    $225 for individuals / $495 for companies

The interaction with both your teacher and classmates make it just like an in-person class that enables you to learn in a friendly and inviting environment.

Ruth B., October 2020