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Why do we often struggle with presentations, and how can we overcome our anxieties? After all, it’s one thing to give a presentation, but quite another to captivate your audience and spare them the dreaded Death by PowerPoint! 

With Powerful Presentations, we help you to do just that. This course will discuss a number of key skills in giving presentations, such as:

  • Establishing rapport
  • Finding your confidence in public speaking
  • Designing presentations that will engage your audience
  • Expressing complex ideas on your feet

Over the course of our four weeks together, we will learn from examples of strong presenters and work collaboratively to prepare each student to make a final presentation demonstrating the new skills they have acquired.


Conference room skills training

Tina H.

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Course Requirements

Powerful Presentations is the first course in our Making Verbal Connections badge. Though students may take these in any order, we do recommend starting with Powerful Presentations, then proceeding to the next two courses in the badge: Two-Way Communication followed by Influencing Your Audience. Students may complete a badge in its entirety or simply choose one or two courses from that badge that most address their professional development needs.

This course is 4 weeks long. Each week, you will have two 1-hour sessions of live instruction, and then 1-2 hours of homework. That means a total time commitment of no more than 12-16 hours! This length of time allows students to fully explore the course topic and develop strong foundational skills without having to commit to a lengthy training program. 

GoToWebinar facilitates live instruction, with screensharing capabilities and the opportunity for students to ask questions via audio or chat.

Plus, you won’t need any fancy equipment to participate. As long as you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can be a Signum Path student. Our program uses GoToWebinar (GTW) conferencing software for live class sessions. Through the GTW interface, you can ask questions and submit comments to your instructor, who can also allow interactive video and audio sharing depending on the needs of the course.

This course will also use Google Classroom through a Signum-provided email address. In that classroom space, you can view and submit assignments, check the course schedule, and discuss ideas with your instructor and fellow participants.

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