People skills are more important than ever in today’s workplace.

In spite of technology advances, communication and writing skills are required for even the most technical roles. There is a skills gap that needs to be addressed.

75% of long-term job success relies on people skills

of long-term job success relies on people skills, not technical expertise (Stanford Research Institute and Carnegie Mellon Foundation).

63% of study respondents indicated that their essential career skills were not being developed

of study respondents indicated that their essential career skills, such as leadership, were not being developed (Deloitte).

59% of managers agree that interpersonal skills are hard to find in qualified workers

of managers agree that interpersonal skills are hard to find in qualified workers (LinkedIn).

How Do We Address the Career Skills Gap?

Career skills training can result in a 250% return on investment from increased productivity and retention according to a study on interpersonal skills training conducted by Boston College, Harvard University, and the University of Michigan.

Signum Path has developed a badge-based system that allows individuals and teams to train in the skills they need to grow their careers and their companies.

Each badge consists of several classes focused on a specific set of skills that apply to any — and every — type of job. Each class is 4 weeks long with a time commitment of 3–4 hours per week. Once a badge is earned, participants can display it on social media, portfolios, resumes, and personal websites to exhibit skill training completion.

The Signum Path Approach

Signum Path’s approach is based on the proven instructional model developed by Signum University, with a digital classroom and skilled instructors that enable us to provide top-quality postgraduate education to students around the world.

Signum Path helps people learn the skills often left out of their university education and on-the-job training. Our goal is to help organizations and individuals augment these indispensable job skills to increase operational efficiency, heighten team effectiveness, and contribute to business growth.

Signum University

Affordable. Personal. Demonstrable.

Signum Path is dedicated to providing cost-effective, individualized training to help anyone acquire the skills they need to succeed in their career.


Signum Path follows the Signum University mission to charge as little as reasonably possible for our services. By using our existing digital learning infrastructure, we keep administrative costs low — most of the fee goes directly to pay our top-notch instructors.


Small-group discussions let individuals get help with the skills they need most. Ask questions, share experiences, and hear from others who are learning the same skills as you. Participants can also join in a dedicated forum to discuss topics related to the class.


Once a badge is earned, it can be displayed proudly on social media, websites, online portfolios, resumes, and elsewhere. Show current and potential employers that you have the skills necessary to navigate any assignment in any work setting.

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